Cradled Vessel in Pink (2020)

Cradled Vessels came from my love of the contrasts that glass presents. As a hot liquid it is both fluid and hard, it can be both too hot and too cold; either end of the spectrum is hard to work with

Cradled Vessels in Black and White (2020)

As a cold material it is incredibly fragile yet has amazing tensile strength and optical qualities.

Cradled Vessel in Teal (2020)

These ‘Cradled Vessels’ play on the contrast between the uncontrolled nature of the fine cages, which appear very intricate and fragile with the simple and coloured central vessel form.

Cradled Vessel in Red and Brown (2020)

The glass is run off in trails on the marver and falls however it wants to create the cradle.

Cradled Vessel in Montan Blau (2020)

I try not to manipulate or alter the form more than is necessary to allow for this continued freedom of material.

Cradled Vessels in Pink, Tourmalin and Montan Blau (2020)