Tobias Møhl, Visiting Artist

March 28, 2017

Here's a glass artist I really admire. I've looked at his work before last year, and love the minimalist designs and colour palate. His vessels are made with Italian techniques with Scandinavian design. At this point of the his artist talks he's flicking through images of his work and all I can think is that I now really fancy a trip to IKEA. 


Again, here's another artist who wants to focus on skill and craft rather than conceptualism and having to have a reason behind the work. Because of this he left the Danish Design School as they were moving more from craft skills to design. I can agree with this, conceptual stuff isn't my thing either. A problem with the design school was that there was no recognition for the fact that he just wanted to get good at blowing glass. Tobias himself admitted that he doesn't like overly flamboyant aesthetics, he prefers Danish minimalism. Finds delicate small detail attractive, and doesn't like to use a lot of colour. 


I feel that having Tobias here, and listening to him talk about his practice, has really helped me with my own work. My practice and this project is all based upon exploration, learning and improvement of skills. To watch Tobias cultivate mistakes and move forward is amazing. In his work there are no new ideas, only development of old ones, improving what he did the day before. 


I felt that his series Silkspinner was particularly poignant to my current self-negotiated module at uni. He just wanted to explore different ways of folding glass, trying to see what he can get out of it. 





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