Erica Eyers

February 9, 2017

Erica Eyers is a PHD student at Glasgow, researching Deadpan comedy and personal narrative. Personally, her work isn't my cup of tea, but I can say that she has some serious skills when it comes to creating realistic clay sculptures. 


She started working with clay only very recently, the material was familiar and slipped into her practice immediately. Her first work with ceramics was Clay Wigs, where she dipped wigs into slip. These were a way of referencing figures without being obvious. The next piece that Erica showed us in the talk was just plain creepy and not at all funny. It was a performance piece, a hand covered in dry clay hovering and caressing an Argos catalog. When I think of it now it does seem funny, but in a farcical "this must be a joke" kind of way. Not sure if that's what Erica intended or not. In the hand video she is using clay not as the main material of production, but as makeup, inventing a crossover of video with sculpture.


I think that the sculpting of the vegetables in her collaboration show 'The Vegetable Store' was incredibly realistic. Same goes for her Banana Skins. For a while I was wondering if they were even made out of clay or were they instead just glossy actual fruit and veg. The Vegetable Store was for the Glasgow International 2016. She worked with Fireworks Studios to create the pieces, in fact you could still the ceramic making area even though the front of the studio looked like a shop. Apparently she had a few artistic differences whilst on this project. The main one being that she wanted all the foods to look mouldy and grotesque.  





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