Emma Blount: Teaching us, teaching her

February 23, 2017

Emma Blount is a stained glass artist who created the Churchill Window at  St Martin's Church, Bladon, Oxfordshire and took part in the Worshipful Glaziers Award for Excellence. The main theme behind Emma's talk was professional practice; how to become "a mega billionaire". Emma suggests an online course in marketing. One thing that really struck me was her opinion on working to commission. Her opinions were very similar to my own. That working to commission is great. The client inspires design and you have to explore and research to respond to the location/purpose.


Throughout her talks Emma went through in depth how to become a successful artist, and how to push yourself . Some of her advice was invaluable, stuff I'd never thought about being important or doing before. Others not so much. I don't think I'll be doing an online marketing course for starters. Non-artistic advice such as, doing things that terrify you (say yes I can do that), being willing to fail, and having moral support are all things that I feel are sometimes overlooked on the quest to become a successful, sustainable, self-sufficient glass artist.  


It was when we got to pricing our work that Emma's talk slightly went off course. Whilst she was trying to explain to us how she prices her work she was being corrected by Cate. From my perspective this was brilliant and hilarious. In the end Emma was just quizzing Cate on the correct pricing of things rather than talk to the audience. But alls well that ends well. Not only did we learn a lot from the talk, but Emma also came away from it with a better idea of what she should be charging, and not undercharge from now on. 




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