Jenny Purrett: mixed media to the extreme

March 2, 2017

Jenny Purrett’s work as a missed media artist is fascinating, as is her journey. She started off as a secondary school teacher, which made her go bonkers. So instead she decided to quit and focus on her art. She took a residency with VARC (Visual Art in Rural Communities) and went to Tarset, Northumberland.


The first theme of her residency was to make work in response to the location. I thought that the piece she made with the wool was incredible. The way the light played through the spread-out wool was beautiful. Although I can imagine the smell was BAD! The piece was so intrinsic to the theme. The way it was woven into the landscape. And, as Jenny went on to explore with the piece, it is continuous, able to react and respond with any landscape. She took the piece to Eldon Square in Newcastle and added old knitted jumpers along with the shorn wool.


 I think that all her projects were brilliantly thought out and an amazing example of missed media and using unconventional methods to produce art. How multi-talented and skilled Jenny is. She learnt how to shear sheep for the Felt Sheep piece, as well as working with paper and a shot gun to create Shot Paper. Laying paper over an old oil barrel and shooting at it with a shot gun, the pellets making tiny rips and holes in the paper. The way that Jenny exhibited the piece, the paper rolled up and suspended, contrasted with the method of making. The way the shot paper looked like trees, a serene scene, versus the explosive manner of creation.  She has also created works with gunpowder.



 Although she makes works with crazy and unconventional methods, Jenny is an extremely talented traditional artist. Creating beautiful line work pencil drawings. Her work, Year Long Drawing, is a beautiful example of traditional drawing with something extra or out of the ordinary. By creating it on one long continuous piece of paper. The drawing has a sense of place and personality.



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