Public Lecture Series, Dominic Wilcox

March 8, 2017

 Dominic Wilcox is an inventor! and a homegrown Sunderland lad and alumni of the university.He is best known for the stained glass sleeper car. He started of young with an interest in art, design, craft and technology. He did a foundation year where he was taught by Charlie Holmes. The bloke sounds really interesting, and i'd love to know more about his teaching practices and techniques. I especially liked the drawings that Dominic showed us of an exercise that Charlie set them in foundation. It was to "Take a line for a walk", to give it personality. Dominic's answer of A line that took a deep breath was brilliant. 

I really enjoyed hearing Dominic talk about his practice. He has a hilariously dry sense of humour (take for example the "sports ball recognition device". I really like the way he thinks about inanimate objects and gives them life. And finding ideas through the materials. I was really impressed with some of the ideas he comes up with as they are actually really genuinely useful or incredibly impressive in the actually technology used to make them. For example the navigation shoes.

I also really liked his exhibition for dogs. It's such a random idea. 

This leads onto his Inventors! project, a project with younger children asking them to invent anything. I actually remember this being advertised and went to the exhibition on Fawcett Street last year. This has now become a world wide project/scheme, with children from all over the world sending him their ideas for inventions. 




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