Tim Belliveau: Is Digital the Future for Glass?

February 2, 2017

Our 2017 Artist Talks kicked off yesterday at the University of Sunderland. Tim Belliveau was our first speaker. He and Angela Thwaites were both doing talks based on the use of digital aspects in their work.


Tim is a man whose exploration into the use of digital 3D modelling could just be the future of the material. He doesn't just work in glass however, working with many different mediums to realise his digitally modeled works. 


In 2004, along with 2 other friends and graduates from Alberta College of Art and Design, Ryan Fairweather and Phillip Andura, they built their own studio and created Bee Kingdom Glass. With enviable organisation and very caring parents they were able to make a name for themselves, applying for 4-5 grants a year. As well as undertaking huge commissions like the Pilchuck Auction Centerpiece.


He broke away from Bee Kingdom in  and now studies a MFA Research at University of Concordia on the Fibres program. His research spanning two different directions. The use of digital for reproduction, something he does with his rendering. And an interest in historical mould blowing lead him to research how the Romans blew glass.

Researching into ancient mould blowing techniques lead Tim to his SLS (Selective Laser Sintering) Bronze mould, which he was kind enough to give us a demo on.  


 He actually brought the above mould along with him, and we all got to see it and him in action this morning(along with glamorous assistant Colin). First thing I thought was that it was a lot smaller than I would have expected. But then again, when he explained that it was made of bronze I totally understood due to the enormous cost of making it much bigger. The demo he did was brilliant, although I'm still not entirely sold on mould blowing, seems like cheating to me. 



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