Handmade glass Baubles by Emma Goring Glass are beautiful and simple. Perfect for your Christmas tree! But if you can't bare to pack them away when the festivities are over they look perfect in a window or anywhere where they'll catch the light. Available in a variety of different colours and two sizes; small and standard


The baubles are made by rolling hot clear glass into a mix of 2 different coloured glass chips, which are then melted at over 1000'c and blown and shaped into a ball. A small dollop of clear glass is then added to the top and curved to make the hook. 


Approx Sizes:

Small: 6 - 7.5 cm

Standard: 8 - 9 cm

Approx weights: 170g


PLEASE NOTE: All glassware is unique as it is handmade and free blown, therefore will not appear identical to the picture shown. Due to the nature of the process means that no two pieces are the same, and sizes/weight listed may vary. Photograph for demonstrative purposes only.

Blue Bauble


Handle glass with care.

It is not advised to place the glass into strong, direct sunlight.

Dont place any open flames or heat sources inside the glass.

Not dishwasher safe. Handwashing in warm soapy water is advised, or wipe clean with a suitable cleaning liquid or damp cloth.