I have a wide range of interests within the medium and enjoy the beautiful and unique qualities of hot glass, considering myself as both a maker and a designer.

I moved to Denmark in 2019 to assist Tobias Møhl and Trine Drivsholm, which then lead to me moving to Hundested to work for Backhaus Brown. I am currently joint studio manager with Calum Dawes of the glass workshop at Glasmuseet Ebeltoft.


I have previously worked for North Lands Creative in Scotland as a technical intern and at National Glass Centre in England as a member of the studio team.

My most recent body of work is derived from a concept of irregular evolution; as if an entirely new environment has been discovered and I am studying the creatures and growth from it. I worked in collaboration with the Dr Lewis Bingle of the University of Sunderland Science department, to take samples from my course environment, especially the hot glass areas such as the blocks and blow pipe ends. We then grew these samples on agar plates and I extrapolated the designs and influences of my work from these studies.

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